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The Bernie Mac Foundation
6th Annual Purple Carpet 



At 23andMe, our mission is to help people access, understand and benefit from the human genome. 

We congratulate the Bernie Mac Foundation on 15 years of education and support in the

Sarcoidosis community.

Dorothy Bland

Dorothy Bland was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis months after being treated for pneumonia, Lupus, and various auto immune diseases. Unfortunately, she was given medications that were contraindicated and caused terrible side effects. After being in the local hospital for a month with no formal diagnosis she was transferred to Tampa General Research Hospital where they gave her a formal diagnosis of Sarcoidosis. Unfortunately, her lungs had solidified and she passed away 13 days after admission.

Dorothy's daughter, Gaynell and I do not want any other family to experience this horrific battle watching their loved one die due to lack of medical knowledge and research in their community.

We greatly appreciate the Bernie Mac Foundation and their pledge to continue research, raising awareness of Sarcoidosis, and providing accessible treatment to those less fortunate.

Thank You for continuing to recognize those Warriors that are fighting their battle against Sarcoidosis! We are so impressed by your courage and endurance! Even though it is a tough time you still fight and continue to get thru it each day. Together we will find a cure!

Gaynell Bland and Mary Provencher

The Dorothy Bland Family Estate

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