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Bernie Mac's Legacy

The purpose of The Bernie Mac Foundation is to perpetuate the legacy of philanthropy espoused by the late Bernard J. McCullough (aka "Bernie Mac") and his wife, Rhonda R. McCullough, by elevating awareness and supporting research for Sarcoidosis, the disease that ultimately led to Bernie Mac's untimely death. Through effectuating activities in an effort to fulfill its purpose, specifically directing those activities to individuals and families in low- to moderate-income communities, the Foundation shall bridge the gap between the

medical professionals and community who treat and the patients

who suffer from Sarcoidosis. Bridging this gap will, in turn provide

increased support, comfort, and care for Sarcoidosis patients.

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Guided by the McCullough family’s charitable spirit and with the help of our friendships and partnerships throughout the community, The Bernie Mac Foundation is dedicated to continuing Bernie’s legacy of humility, charity, and sympathy by promoting scientific research and awareness.

We are aggressively working toward the prevention and treatment of Sarcoidois, focusing on the disadvantaged, who would otherwise not have access to resources.


Our vision is to become a beacon of hope to Sarcoidosis patients everywhere—particularly to those who do not have access to care. It is our hope that through raising funds toward extensive medical research, we will

be a part of the puzzle that gets one step closer to solving the mystery that is Sarcoidosis, so that Sarcoidosis patients can be treated with the same urgency and care as Cancer or HIV patients, and so

that a cure is found so that no one else has to suffer or lose their life to Sarcoidosis as Bernie did.

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