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The Bernie Mac Disease

Warrior: The Bernie Mac Disease

“Confronts underdiagnosed diseases featuring celebrities, athletes, warriors, and clinicians

to raise the international standard of care.”

Join Rhonda McCullough, the widow of the legendary comedian Bernie Mac, as she takes us on a heartfelt and eye-opening journey through the life and legacy of one of the most beloved entertainers of our time. In this deeply personal account, Rhonda shares intimate insights into Bernie's meteoric rise to fame, and the challenges he faced along the way due to his battle with sarcoidosis. As Rhonda shares her personal experiences, we also hear from patients from around the world, including the USA, Germany, and Ghana, who share their inspiring stories of fighting this debilitating disease. Through their voices, we gain a greater understanding of the impact that sarcoidosis has on individuals and families, and the incredible strength and resilience required when choosing to fight back. Don't miss this one-of-a-kind opportunity to gain a unique perspective on the life of a true icon, and to hear from those who are fighting every day to overcome the challenges of this often-misunderstood disease. Bernie Mac's unique and entertaining life story proves that we can always find a reason to laugh, even during the most difficult times.

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