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November 1st, 2023

As I have gotten older, I have become acutely aware of how fast time passes. We are already in the 11th month of 2023. I realize we have to stop putting our focus on things that doesn't fulfill or serve us with purpose.

As we enter into this November the month of Thanksgiving, we must surround ourselves with the people and the things that bring Joy and Happiness to our lives. We must remind ourselves to always be thankful for all the good and positive things in our lives.

I want to thank each and everyone that participated and donated throughout the month of October for our Bernie Mac Legacy fundraising campaign. I'm always so grateful and thankful for your support and kindness. May your Thanksgiving be filled with love, kindness and gratefulness.

Rhonda R. McCullough
President and CEO


Celebrating Champions Inside the Sarcoidosis Community. Today we would like to take the time to honor and celebrate the beautiful life and very powerful legacy of our Founder and Chairman, Emeritus Bernard J. McCullough, a.k.a Bernie Mac. Fifteen years ago, on August 9th, we lost a very hard working man who established a beautiful and great legacy. That legacy is his family, filling the world with laughter through his comedic genius and lastly supporting sarcoidosis patients via The Bernie Mac Foundation.


On behalf of Rhonda R. McCullough, President

and CEO, Board of Directors, Medical Board of Directors, General Counsel, Executive Director,

and Administration, we salute and pay homage to

this great man today.


We are dedicated to a more thorough understanding of Sarcoidosis the disease, its impact on patients’ lives and current opinion regarding treatment. This international community of thought leaders, healthcare providers (researchers and clinicians) and patients will raise funds to support research and create education-based opportunities for patients and their families.

Started in 2005 and headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, the Foundation is chaired by Bernie’s wife Rhonda.




April Is National Sarcoidosis
Awareness Month

In 2008, Congress declared April as National Sarcoidosis Awareness Month to bring more attention to this rare, multisystem disease. Five years later, we are slowly but surely making progress, both in public awareness and in research of sarcoidosis. Purple is the color of the ribbon for sarcoidosis awareness.

Sarcoidosis causes inflammation, called granuloma, in different areas of the body. Because it can appear anywhere from the lungs to the eyes to the heart, it can manifest in a variety of symptoms including swollen lymph nodes, skin sores, and lumps in the lungs—or no symptoms at all. With treatment, many people recover, although it can take several years. Others may have a harder time and can suffer greater organ damage. Even when symptoms subside, called remission, sarcoidosis can return. In rare cases, sarcoidosis is fatal.


Researchers don’t yet know what causes sarcoidosis.

Your donation to The Bernie Mac Foundation will help advance crucial research in the field of Sarcoidosis.

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Hello Warriors! Our Program Assistant, Simone Ramsey recently had a “sit down” with our beloved President and CEO, Rhonda R. McCullough-Gilmore to shed some light on the reason behind the creation of The Bernie Mac Foundation. Most of you know, but to those who don’t, this interview gives you exclusive access into Rhonda’s personal experience with the ups and downs of sarcoidosis by way of Bernie Mac’s diagnosis and what she has learned through her husband’s journey. This intimate interview is informative, encouraging and encapsulates The Bernie Mac Foundation’s Mission and Vision. Please watch. Please share. Please support. - The Bernie Mac Foundation



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Creative Ways To Support The Bernie Mac Foundation

Check if your company has a corporate match for your charitable contributions, and apply for it. Send an email to 25 of your friends/family members/colleagues, and ask them to donate $5 to the Bernie Mac Foundation! Make checks payable to: The Bernie Mac Foundation, and mail to the office at 161 North Clark St. Suite 1700 Chicago, Illinois 60601.

Please continue to support sarcoidosis research and increase your awareness by staying connected to The Bernie Mac Foundation Website.




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